Haskell, Rust, Blockchain & AI consultancy


We are a Haskell, Rust, Blockchain and AI consultancy.


Most of our work is in Haskell and Rust, in the blockchain, fintech and payments space. However, we also work across other industries.

Full range of services:

data What
    = Haskell
    | Idris
    | Rust
    | Blockchain Chain
    | Audit

data Chain
    = Cardano
    | Polkadot
    | Solana

We are now offering audits for Plutus smart contracts on Cardano.

How we Work

We implement projects end-to-end or augment your existing team, including any full-stack and devops work that may be needed.

data How
    = ProjectSetup
    | ProjectArchitecture
    | ProjectManagement
    | ProjectDev
    | ProjectMaintenance

In other words, we can build awesome stuff for you, either independently or as an integral part of your existing teams.



Mark Florisson
MLabs Founder & CEO

Ben Hart
Head of Cardano Operations

George Flerovsky
Haskell & Plutus Delivery Manager

Neil Rutledge
Haskell & Plutus Delivery Manager

Rory Tyler Hayford
Haskell & Plutus Delivery Manager

Oskar Greda
Head of HR

Luke Hoare
HR Advisor and Lead Admin

Ellen Cunningham
HR and Recruitment Admin

Richa Chandola

Deepak Kumar
Head of Operations

Anthony Stachowitz
Head of Business Development

Luke Mahoney
Business Development

Filipe Azevedo
Rust and Solana Lead

With 100+ developers and growing!


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