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Your users demand reliable solutions. So should you. Dedicated MLabs members will ensure your project stays on track.
Put Your Best Foot Forward
Scoping and Development Readiness

Put Your Best Foot Forward

No technical expertise? No problem! MLabs helps non-technical clients turn high-level ideas into reality. Our Scoping and Development Readiness package will guide you through early-stage product design, laying the groundwork needed to build your MVP.

Bugs Don't Stand a Chance
Testing and Auditing

Bugs Don't Stand a Chance

Testing and auditing are crucial to software development. This is especially true of mission-critical applications where oversights can have catastrophic consequences. MLabs provides comprehensive code audits so you can launch with peace of mind.

Pro-service Solutions
Support When & Where You Need It
Technical Specifications
Initial design ready? MLabs can develop a technical specification. This essential engineering document provides an implementation blueprint for an MVP. We leverage our extensive expertise and formal verification tools for accurate, secure specifications.
SDKs and Core Infrastructure
Effective smart contracts are only part of the story, particularly for DApps. Many applications require infrastructure integrations and SDKs to meet user needs. MLabs can manage these when required to ensure your product is ready for prime time.
Cross-chain Growth and Deployment
The blockchain space is increasingly competitive, and DApp teams must remain nimble to benefit from the latest innovations occurring across platforms. MLabs has built cross-chain bridges and helped clients establish multichain user bases.
DApp Core Services
Our DApp Pro-services are here to make your life easier. We offer metadata services, snapshots, chain queries, stake pools/chain validators spin-ups, airdrops, and more. Contact us about your short-term service requests today.
Secure FinTech Solutions
Blockchain gets the hype, but equally important in fintech is secure, reliable software. MLabs develops accounting platforms and payment systems for many clients. These MLabs solutions leverage Haskell and Rust to support millions of daily transactions.
DevOps, Deployment & Hosting
When your project is ready to launch, MLabs will make certain there are no hiccups. We can deploy and host software on your behalf, and our streamlined DevOps will seamlessly deliver your application to the users who rely on it.
Make it Right Every Time
Nix DevOps

Make it Right Every Time

Reliable development environments are a must-have. Moreover, diagnosing dependency issues can be challenging, potentially derailing progress. MLabs relies on Nix for reproducible builds, and we can apply it to fine-tune your environment and CI.

Ensuring the Smartest Contracts
Comprehensive Blockchain Support

Ensuring the Smartest Contracts

MLabs provides tailored support for smart contract projects, particularly in the Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana ecosystems. While some clients need help overcoming internal hurdles, others rely entirely on MLabs for development and other essential services.

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