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Trusted Partner of Cardano Builders

Trusted Partner of Cardano Builders

Security and reliability take center stage as core Cardano blockchain design principles. With a smart contract language that allows mathematical behavior verification, end-users can rest assured Cardano DApps operate as intended.

Haskell & Formal Verification Experts
your go-to Cardano consultancy

Haskell & Formal Verification Experts

  • Ecosystem pioneers laying solid foundations
  • Unparalleled smart contract development experience
  • Awarded many Catalyst grants by the Cardano community
  • Partnered with IOG (Input Output Global)
The Right Tools for the Job
Cardano takes advantage of the highly performant and memory-safe Haskell programming language, emphasizing formal methods throughout its design. Our Haskell development expertise can ensure your product inherits all the advanced security features of Cardano.
The Road Less Traveled
Developing for Cardano requires highly specialized knowledge and tooling. MLabs is intimately familiar with the Cardano development ecosystem, and our innovations regularly pave the way for others.
Solana is Blazingly Fast

Solana is Blazingly Fast

The Solana blockchain can process more than 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) - lightning fast when compared to Ethereum 1.0 (15 TPS). Solana's low-level execution environment makes this possible.

MLabs Brings Projects Up to Speed
deliverable stability

MLabs Brings Projects Up to Speed

Solana also supports smart contracts written in high-performance languages like Rust. MLabs developers can build and deliver scalable DeFi applications and other market-leading DApps on Solana.

The Internet of Blockchains

The Internet of Blockchains

Providing an interoperable, decentralized web, Polkadot consists of many independent "parachains" operating in harmony. This achievement comes through sharding, on-chain governance, and forkless upgrades.

Self-Governed Chains United Securely
cross-chain interoperability

Self-Governed Chains United Securely

Cross-chain transfers are built right into Polkadot. This results in new chains plugging easily into the existing network. The Substrate framework allows teams to quickly build and launch customized parachains.

Rust Scales
Fast, Low-Resource, Cross-Platform Solutions
Your Customized Chain
Using Substrate, MLabs can deploy a unique blockchain customized to your KPIs. Your use case is novel? No sweat. We'll build the necessary modules for the functionality your project requires.
Better Performance
Our Rust team can implement Solana DApps that outperform the competition on other chains. In many cases, we can even grow your product cross-chain for a wider audience.
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